Back Pain & Sciatic Symptoms Accountability Program

You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to an at home progressive movement, exercise and education program to be taken at your own pace, with no need for expensive equipment or a gym membership, led by a Therapist with over a decade of helping people regain control of their pain.

This includes;

  • Six graded, sensible and progressive 20 minute exercise routines, with easy to follow-along video tutorials for you to work out alongside, helping you become accountable for your¬†pain, and so taking back control.
  • 3 educational webinars to learn more about why your back hurts, how chronic pain develops, and all about posture and office desk setups.
  • Self Screening Tests to help locate the cause of your pain
  • An E-Book looking at all aspects of pain – not just the mechanical, physical ones, and introducing the most current research around stress and pain
  • You will also gain access to a Private Facebook Group with other members, where you can share experiences, tips and have a good moan about your pain with those that truly understand!

You do not need to be in pain – sign up now to start your recovery today!