Strength & Conditioning

We are in the midst of a running boom. More and more people are putting on their trainers and hitting the roads, trails and tracks over a wide variety of distances. Whilst this is obviously an amazingly positive thing, running is a high injury-risk activity.

During a 12 month period, the injury rate for running has been found to be as high as 30-59% (Reference 1). Put another way, runners suffer an injury roughly every 100 hours (of running) – or 2-3 injuries a year (Ref 2).

There is strong evidence that Strength & Conditioning training can reduce Injury risk by up to 50% (Ref 3).

The most common question I get in clinic is how do I strength train?

For over a decade, I have helped 1000’s of runners of all ages compete at all levels, or simply enjoy their running when they had been told that they couldn’t. 

Let me help you.


– Learn the key components of Strength and Conditioning aimed specifically at running.

– Appreciate the importance of why we as runners should strength train, particularly as we age.

– Have access to a full repertoire of equipment free, body weight exercises designed to keep you doing the thing you love – running!

– Start to reduce your risk of injury

Improve your endurance, and speed

– Understand where S&C fits into your programme

– Bust some myths about some common training and therapy concepts

PRICE: £10

DATE: WEDNESDAY 12th May 6pm


Alternative you can own my 80 minute Webinar and accompanying 130 page E-Book covering all of the above, and yours to dip in and out of at your leisure!

These are available as stand alone products, or together at a reduced rate.



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