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Onward Referral

A question I am more and more commonly asked – are you able to refer onwards for further investigation?

Yes, I am able to facilitate further investigation where needed.

If it is deemed necessary that imaging of your injury – be that x-ray, MRI, CT Scan etc. – may be beneficial (and rest assured that in most cases it is not) we can refer to a private scanning facility, or write to your GP to recommend further investigation. YOU DO NOT NEED HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THIS. The scans are often carried out within days, and the results sent to myself within a couple of days of the scan, so it is a very quick service. Whilst in most cases scanning is of limited importance, sometimes, it can help and can speed up the recovery process massively. As a guide, an MRI scan is currently (01.2023) £278, self paying. This referral may incur an admin fee due to the time they take. Please ask for further information.

However, scanning is NOT RECOMMENDED as a first point of contact, in line with research which “…found no evidence that the use of routine….radiographs to assess the function or structure of the spine….improves clinical outcomes and benefits patients” (1), and so we do not have scanning facilities in-house.

Lots of systemic conditions have musculoskeletal pain presentations, and if it is suspected that this is the case for you, we can arrange condition specific Blood Tests either through your GP, or through a private referral. This can in turn help us guide you to the appropriate treatment approach.

I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, DO YOU WORK WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES? This, unfortunately, is dependent on both your Insurance Company, and Insurance coverage, and so is a question best directed at your Insurer – nowadays many will allow you to choose your own Therapist and claim back, whilst some -unfortunately – have a more strict protocol and decide on a therapist/clinic for you. Please ask for further information.

📄 1. The clinical utility of routine spinal radiographs by chiropractors: a rapid review of the literature, Corso et al, 2020