Welcome to DC Injury Clinic

Danny Clayton is a practicing Advanced Sports Therapist, based in Swindon, Wiltshire, offering a full rehabilitation service from injury to return to full health, dealing with all manner of soft tissue and joint injuries.

“My aim through working together with you is to relieve pain, regain movement, improve health and – importantly – reduce the chance of injury reoccurring, regardless of your age, occupation, or sporting activity (or lack of!).

Trained in a wide ranging variation of health-care techniques and philosophies, I am told repeatedly that my approach is different to what many are used to. With an emphasis on patient empowerment, self management and education instead of ongoing, repeat appointments, I have successfully treated clients ranging from the inactive, to ‘weekend warriors’; and those with specialist neurodevelopmental conditions (including paediatric) to full-time international athletes.

I am qualified in both Sports Therapy, and Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, as well as Osteopathic Articulation Techniques™  and Strength & Conditioning, ensuring a rounded and thorough approach to your condition”

Please feel free to contact me to discuss;

The aim is always the same: Be better than before.