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Welcome to DC Injury Clinic

Danny Clayton is a practicing Advanced Sports Therapist, based in Swindon, Wiltshire, offering a full rehabilitation service from injury to return to full health, dealing with all manner of injury.

Whilst I do provide hands-on treatments in (almost) every appointment, I do not specialise in any particular injury type, approach, treatment or philosophy. I like to provide as much meaningful and relevant information as I can in an easy to understand way so that you leave your appointment back in control of your pain, wherever that may have presented.

I use a lot of pre-prepared visuals and documents to support and describe our chosen treatment plan, and why we are taking that path, so you can have confidence that we are utilising all of the most current and relevant approaches, and not simply the ones that “sell” or rely on multiple visits.

I believe that we all have a ‘Pain-on’ and a ‘Pain-off’ setting, and that at the root of this is an understanding of *why* you are in pain.
When you start to understand this, you begin to regain that control.
I believe that our aim is to get rid of you – what you will not get is never-ending treatment plans, which consist of *only* hands-on therapy, giving control to – and so building reliance on – the therapist.
  • I do not want to see you every 4 weeks (lovely as you are 😊)
  • I will never tell you you are broken.
  • I will never suggest “at least X” number of sessions.

I am qualified in both Sports Therapy, and Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, as well as Osteopathic Articulation Techniques™  and Strength & Conditioning, ensuring a rounded and thorough approach to your condition”

Please feel free to contact me to discuss;

The aim is always the same: Be better than before.