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The Rise of The Video Consultation

What does a video consult include?

I realise that for many people who have been conditioned to ‘rely’ on manual therapies, the thought of a virtual appointment can seem almost laughable. How is someone going to rub your calf better for 6 weeks through a screen?

I have always believed – and openly stated in rooms full of large numbers – that the most important thing that we therapists do, is not

X the massage


X the manipulations

And, the truth is, your calf pain would have reduced over 6 weeks with or without the weekly rub down. It is a brutal, but necessary truth, and the reason I have never advocated this approach. 

That is not to say that it would have optimally healed without a Therapists interventions.

But the key to successful rehabilitation – of all pain –  is, and always has been:

⇒ Advice

⇒ Reassurance

⇒ Guidance

⇒ Empathy (and a listening ear)


⇒ Education

All of these things can be done via video or phone.

During a video call, I can see you move; I can see you locate your area of pain; I can see you recreate the pain (I do not need my elbow to do this 🙂 ). I can see first hand movements which you can, and can not do.

But more importantly, I can hear you describe your pain; allow you to tell me about your limitations and fears; listen to your history, and your story; and I can advise about what you shouldn’t and – more importantly – should be doing to self-manage.

By sharing screens, I can show you my exact thought process of what your symptoms sound consistent with. I can show you, through video links which I can talk you through, exactly how and why you will get better.

As soon as the call ends, you will receive a completely GDPR (confidentiality) compliant email, with your bespoke Rehab plan, with exercise videos, and individualised reps/sets etc.

Now, more than ever, physical activity is vital to maintain our health. There is no need to be at home frustrated, scared, or feeling at a loss because of your pain.

Movement is medicine.

Advice is key.

Please do contact me (, or Share with someone who may be suffering. Your support at this time is very much appreciated.


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